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Writing Education and Assistance Center

The ability to develop well argued papers do not come naturally. It requires instruction, practice, as well as immersion in a community of writers. However, the budding Pakistani writers never get an opportunity to get formal instruction and support to develop their analytic writing skills. Recently the stakes associated with good analytic writing has been raised in Pakistan´s universities. The faculty, for instance, is expected to write and publish. They are faced with the challenge to publish in the peer-reviewed academic journals. This entails training and assistance in developing well-argued papers.

Good writing skills are not just needed for individuals associated with higher education. Government servants, social entrepreneurs, and business leaders are also required to develop and present well-argued positions on policy issues. A need, therefore, exists to fill the gaps left by absence of formal instruction in analytic writing.

I-SAPS has responded to this demand for, as well as scarcity of, analytic writing skill by setting up a Writing Education and Assistance Center (WEAC). WEAC will bring high quality writing instruction as well to the budding writers of Pakistan. WEAC will facilitate the potential writers to become skillful and independent critical readers and writers. The facilitators at WEAC will emphasize critical analysis and development of evidence based arguments. It will provide them with a collaborative environment to develop skills as well as habits of minds needed to become effective analytic writers. Individuals enrolled in various courses offered by WEAC will also read and discuss texts from their own fields within the general framework of Humanities and Social Sciences. They will be provided with regular assisted reading and writing exercises. They will be helped to write smaller arguments, such as the ones applicable to policy briefs, as well as longer essays.


1. Offers regular instructional programs aimed at developing analytic writing skills
2. Connect the Faculty and students working on their own writing projects from higher education institutions in Pakistan with the accomplished writers and writing instructors from across the world.
3. Helps writers present and develop their work in progress into well-argued papers.
4. Helps academics develop conference presentations


Who should register with WEAC

  • Faculty members in Social Sciences and Humanities interested in developing their work in progress further into publishable papers
  • Social science graduates intending to pursue advanced academic research and doctoral work in humanities and social sciences.
  • Doctoral students engaged in writing doctoral dissertations and master´s thesis are particularly encouraged to register with WEAC

Contact for more information

Tel: +92-51-111-739-739
Fax: +92-51-2825336